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דורשות מחיים ביבס והשלטון המקומי:
כדי להציל את ישראל - להחזיר את המנדט לעם!

הצטרפו אלינו לקריאה

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אחד או יותר מהפרטים חסרים  נא לנסות שוב

תודה שחתמת!

Building an Alternative is a non-partisan women's movement that includes women from all parts of Israeli society - secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, Arab and Jewish who work for women's rights, equality and representation for women and take part in the fight against violence against women.


Israeli women face a grave threat as efforts to reduce their presence in public life and enforce gender segregation intensify. Our democracy hangs in the balance, with proposed changes that could roll back women's rights for decades. We must act now!

Join us in defending  gender equality in Israel.

With your support , we'll challenge discriminatory laws, fight for fair representation, and empower women through education and entrepreneurship.  

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