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לוגו בונות אלטרנטיבה

Build a better, safer future with us

Empowering Women: Building an Alternative for Equality in Israel

Bonot Alternativa is an NGO dedicated to advancing equality between women and men in Israel. We strive to establish female representation in decision-making spheres, promote legislation for equality, raise awareness and education, and create opportunities in the private and public sectors. Despite Israel's perception as a democratic and advanced country, women's rights remain at risk, perpetuating discrimination and jeopardizing the well-being of over half the population.

Help us today to create a better tomorrow for all women in Israel

With your support, we are closer achieve our goals.

Our Mission

  • Increase the percentage of women in key positions and decision-making roles.

  • Promote legislation that upholds and protects women's rights.

  • Raise awareness and education for gender equality while considering Israel's social fabric.

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