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Israel At War
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An Unprecedented Civilian Response

Resilience in Action

Israel is at war. This time the horrors have a direct impact on thousands of civilians - children, women and the elderly. As a network of over 150,000 professional women, our strength lies in our ability to mobilize our members. 

On October 7 we set aside all operations to address the critical emergency needs of evacuees – who are still burying their dead, tending to the wounded and praying for the safe return of hostages. 
All donated funds go directly to answering immediate needs. 

Bonot Alternativa is one of Israel’s leading women’s rights and gender equality organizations, a vibrant national organization with 100,000 activists in 80 centers implementing gender-equality initiatives. Our activists pursue a wide variety of professions at the highest levels. Our strength is our ability to mobilize them - locally and in the national arena. We know them and they believe in us.

As of October 7 we have devoted ourselves completely to addressing the emergency needs of evacuees and their families, who are scattered across the country.

  About Us  ​​

Bonot Alternativa at War
Bonot Alternativa at War

On October 7 we set aside all operations to address the critical emergency needs of evacuees. 

These families are scattered in hotels, college dorms, and the spare rooms of warmhearted Israelis. They are refugees in their own country, having left behind their lives.

From an operation room in central Israel we are fielding requests from our centers in various locations around the country, purchasing necessary equipment and acting as a hands-on safety net for all. 

  Bonot at War  

Raising Global Awarness

Throughout conflicts, sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war and psychological subjugation. Beyond degrading women, sexual violence in war strategically attacks the entire ethnic and cultural identity, embodying a desire to destroy the community. War Zone Rape exemplifies a historical and global pattern of gender oppression and control. It reinforces the notion of women as property and targets them to 'punish' the opposing side. These crimes' impact is catastrophic, extending far beyond the immediate horror, deeply affecting survivors and the social and psychological fabric of their communities. Internationally, such violence is recognized as a means of ethnic cleansing and, in extreme cases, genocide.


global institutions took upon themselves through various commitments and resolutions to battle GBV in armed conflict, and support survivors, yet sadly, women in Israel are now victims of global collective denial.

  Raising Global 
  Awarness  ​​

Executive Summary


Our centers are in areas where evacuees are now safe. They provide a safe home, a place to meet familiar faces, retain communal ties, and allow children to play with each other. They are a place to eat and begin a healing process with supportive professionals. They allow parents to leave their children for a couple of hours to recharge emotional batteries. 


Our members turned to us for help, and we immediately responded. We refer emotionally-struggling mothers to individual or group therapists (fully funded by us) and enable those who moved away from the border to be supported in their new communities. Most importantly, we are a hands-on safety net for those whose husbands have been called up, who have lost jobs, and who require assistance in this crisis.

Bonot Alternativa at War
Bonot Alternativa at War


In Ofakim, on October 7, 48 residents were slaughtered. At the mayor’s request, we are supporting the residents of this small development town who have not been able to evacuate. We care for mothers struggling to sustain shattered family structures, help others gradually return to work, and assist school principals cope with a younger generation in shock.


On October 7, the IDF female spotters showed incredible bravery in battle, with many survivors returning immediately to active service. A rehabilitation fund has been established to ensure these brave women receive adequate therapy and emotional support.

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Bonot Alternativa at War

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