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United Together.

The state of Israel is under attack. It is savage. It impacts children, women and men, not only soldiers.
Bonot Alternativa is leveraging its 100,000-member community to provide support and rebuild lives that have been deeply impacted. 

Help Us Support Evacuees Families.



501(c)(3) approved organization

501(c)(3) approved organization

Israel is at war. The home front turned into the front line.

Women and children, the elderly and the disabled have been evacuated, and many have no homes to return to. 

Bonot Alternativa is leveraging its over 100,000 volunteers to open ad hoc community-care centers for the displaced. We have taken stock of immediate needs and are deploying our teams. 

In this hour of national catastrophe we need your help. 

Your donation will make an immediate impact and direct difference to Israeli evacuees evacuees who live in the Western Negev, near the Gaza border.

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Tel: 972 58-630-2374

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